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Your course

A homestay course lasts one or two weeks. Arrival and departure are normally on Saturdays.

A homestay course consists of:

• An initial assessment
There will be an assessment of your written and spoken English soon after your arrival. There will be questions about what you want to learn and how you want to learn. You will be invited to participate in the design of an individualised study programme.

• A familiarisation visit
You will be given information about the area and taken on a guided tour of Melton Mowbray.

• Introductory lessons on the Sunday after your arrival

• Five days (one week study programme) or eleven days (two week study programme) of regular lessons

• Optional additional activities and lessons

• Half board accommodation in a single study bedroom with ensuite private toilet and washing facilities.

• Free wi-fi connection throughout your stay.

• Collection from Melton Mowbray railway station on your arrival and transport to Melton Mowbray railway station at the end of your course. (If you require transport from elsewhere in the UK, contact us.

• Certificate of attendance presented to you at the end of your course together with a progress report.