Snowdrop Language Learning
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Optional additional activities and lessons

Extra hours of lessons: You can book extra hours in addition to the 6 two-hour lessons and 6 thirty minute lessons (one week study programme) or 12 two-hour lessons and 12 thirty minute lessons (two week study programme) included in the basic package.

A choice of up to 3 half day excursions: currently available excursions are 'On the trail of Robin Hood', 'Medieval Leicestershire' and 'England's Smallest County'. Half–day excursions include transport by car, cost of admission to places of interest and a packed lunch. Please contact us for full details, all excursions may not be available on all dates.

Full day Saturday excursion (two week study programme only ): A trip to Cambridge or Stratford-upon-Avon includes transport by car, lunch and admission charges.